Meet Autumn.

Wear With Black owner and designer, Autumn, was raised breathing new life into vintage and thrifted items. She is a prolific treasure hunter, as her eye for spotting the diamond in the rough was developed at a young age, frequenting thrift stores and garage sales with her parents. The history and character that live within things past is what captivates Autumn most with vintage items.

Wear With Black is about contrast. Bringing new energy to things left behind, things that are different, creating a new context for things otherwise overlooked. Perhaps, creating the extra in the ordinary. Whether that’s materials, colors, shapes, sizes, you’ll find contrast in every single piece. 

Autumn is a simple girl in a modern world. Simple yet bold and creative.  While her wardrobe is largely black and neutral, she prefers her jewelry, outerwear, shoes, and lip color to make the statement. Autumn designs her pieces with that in mind. 

Every piece is carefully sourced, designed, created, photographed by Autumn. 

Autumn is a UCF alumni and earned an MBA from the University of Florida.